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Unveiling Mythic: The Vanguard of Collaborative Red Teaming Operations


Published on Sep 7, 2023   —   2 min read

Mythic represents a distinct approach to red teaming frameworks, offering a new methodology for conducting operations. Built on a robust stack of GoLang, Docker, Docker-compose, and a web-based UI, Mythic is engineered to be the linchpin for operators, managers, and analysts involved in red teaming. Its architecture is designed to facilitate collaboration, streamline reporting, and enhance operational efficiency.

Key Features

Initializing Mythic: Beyond the Basics

Mythic is orchestrated through the mythic-cli binary, a powerful command-line interface. To compile this binary, execute sudo make within the root directory of the Mythic repository. Once compiled, the command sudo ./mythic-cli start will initialize all default Mythic containers. For a more granular setup, including environment variables and custom configurations, refer to the Mythic Documentation.

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