Uncovering the Glue: Addressing Database Password Vulnerabilities in Amazon AWS Glue


Published on Apr 14, 2024   —   2 min read

Amazon AWS Glue, a premier serverless data integration service, found itself at the center of cybersecurity discussions recently due to a concerning vulnerability. Identified by Michael Werner from SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab, the flaw allowed database passwords to be visible in server responses under certain conditions. This article delves into the details of this security lapse, exploring its implications and the measures taken to address it.

The Discovery

On May 10, 2023, the vulnerability, officially referenced by SEC Consult as SA-20240411-0, was discovered. It affected versions of AWS Glue until February 23, 2024. AWS Glue is designed to simplify data integration tasks, but the security issue highlighted a significant risk: database passwords were being loaded into server responses when editing database connections.

Impact and Risk

The vulnerability was classified with a medium impact level, but the potential risks were far from moderate. Access to database passwords could enable attackers to compromise data integrity and confidentiality. This exposure was particularly alarming because it opened the door to further exploits like broken access controls and cross-site scripting, increasing the overall vulnerability of the system.

Response and Resolution

Once identified, the SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab followed a responsible disclosure process, engaging with Amazon's security team. After a detailed investigation and several updates, Amazon successfully deployed a fix across all instances globally as of February 23, 2024. This prompt response was crucial in mitigating potential threats and safeguarding user data.

Technical Breakdown

The vulnerability surfaced when a user accessed the "Edit" page of a data connection in AWS Glue. By inspecting the HTML of the page using browser development tools, the password field could reveal the plaintext password. This flaw was especially accessible because only two permissions (glue:GetConnection and ec2:DescribeSubnets) were necessary to exploit it.

Lessons Learned

The AWS Glue incident serves as a crucial reminder of the ongoing challenges in cybersecurity, particularly in complex, integrated cloud environments. It underscores the importance of continuous security assessment and the need for robust access controls to protect sensitive information from being leaked.

Moving Forward

For AWS Glue users, the update rolled out by Amazon has resolved this specific issue. However, users are encouraged to remain vigilant, regularly review their permissions settings, and ensure that all components are up to date. For those interested in more technical details or in improving their security posture, resources and further readings are available at SEC Consult’s official website and their cybersecurity blog.


While the vulnerability in AWS Glue was a significant concern, the effective response by Amazon and the detailed analysis by SEC Consult highlight the collaborative efforts in the cybersecurity community to address and mitigate such risks. It is a clear example of why continuous vigilance and proactive security measures are essential in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and cyber threats.

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