Flipper Zero's Battery Life Now Extended to a Month with Firmware Version 0.82


Published on Jul 1, 2023   —   2 min read

Flipper Zero's Power Evolution: Overcoming Technical Challenges for a Month-Long Battery Life


In the realm of portable hacking devices, Flipper Zero has distinguished itself as a groundbreaking multi-tool. Its features have continued to evolve, thanks to the relentless efforts of its development team. Today, we're excited to bring you news of a significant update to Flipper Zero. Firmware version 0.82 introduces a new power-saving mode that extends the device's battery life to an impressive one month, a leap from the previous one-week lifespan. This achievement is not just a testament to the team's technical prowess but also their dedication to continually enhancing user experience.

Overcoming the STM32 Microcontroller Challenges

In an impressive display of technical prowess, the team behind Flipper Zero, the all-in-one multi-tool device for hackers,  announced back in April 2023 a significant firmware update that has effectively extended the device's battery life from just a week to a staggering one month.

This achievement, ushered in with firmware version 0.82, demonstrates the team's unwavering commitment to resolving the complex firmware issues that previously prevented the Flipper Zero from efficiently transitioning to a power-saving mode.

Introducing the New Power-Saving Mode

Firmware version 0.82 introduces a new deep sleep feature that dramatically decreases power consumption when no applications or connections are running on your Flipper Zero. This power-efficient mode significantly extends the device's battery life, a much-awaited feature for many Flipper Zero users.

The Challenges and Triumphs

The journey to this moment was anything but easy. The Flipper Zero team grappled with numerous challenges tied to the STM32 microcontroller used in the device. The difficulties ranged from managing dual-core architecture, shared peripherals, to dealing with closed-source firmware for the Core 2 with no debugging capability.

Despite the hurdles, the team's dedication to enhancing user experience shone through, and they were successful in implementing a new energy-efficient sleep mode. This mode allows for various microcontroller blocks to be turned off, and the core clock to be switched to a more energy-efficient clock generator, reducing the idle state power consumption to just 1.5 mA.

Worldwide Sales and How to Buy

As the Flipper Zero continues to make waves in the hacker and maker communities, sales have been gaining momentum across the globe. More than 200,000 devices have already found their owners, and with a dedicated How To Buy page, prospective buyers can easily locate official partners for a smooth purchasing experience.

This firmware update showcases the Flipper Zero team's commitment to improving their product and solving technical challenges for the benefit of their users. Their perseverance has led to the implementation of a feature that significantly enhances the device's usability and functionality, ensuring Flipper Zero continues to be an indispensable tool for its users.


The launch of firmware version 0.82 marks an important milestone in Flipper Zero's journey. By overcoming the technical challenges associated with the STM32 microcontroller, the team has succeeded in implementing a power-saving mode that significantly extends the device's battery life. This update underlines the team's commitment to their users, continually improving their product to meet the needs of the community. As Flipper Zero's global presence continues to grow, we can't wait to see what the team will bring us next. Stay tuned to The Final Hop for the latest updates on Flipper Zero and other cutting-edge tech news.

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