Exploring the Full Spectrum of WiFi with the WiFi Coconut


Published on Jul 3, 2023   —   3 min read

Redefining WiFi Analysis with Full-Spectrum Monitoring


Welcome, network enthusiasts, to another exploration into the captivating world of wireless technology. Today, we're examining an innovative gadget that has made its mark in the wireless testing landscape - the WiFi Coconut. This open source full-spectrum WiFi sniffer, brought to us by Hak5, has the unique ability to monitor the entire 2.4 GHz WiFi spectrum simultaneously, far outperforming the traditional single radio sniffers.

The WiFi Coconut isn't just another spectrum analyzer, but an exquisitely designed tool equipped with 14 finely tuned 802.11 WiFi radios. It allows IT professionals and pentesters to capture and record all 2.4 GHz WiFi channels at once, revolutionizing the way we approach WiFi spectrum analysis.

What is WiFi Coconut?

The WiFi Coconut is much more than a simple tool for WiFi sniffing. Available at $199.99, although currently out of stock due to global manufacturing shortages, this device has been carefully crafted to revolutionize the way we analyze WiFi networks. It's a testament to the power of open-source technology, designed by the experts at Hak5, and it's set to shake up the world of wireless technology.

The primary function of the WiFi Coconut is to serve as a full-spectrum WiFi sniffer, but it's the way it accomplishes this task that sets it apart from traditional WiFi sniffers. The majority of WiFi sniffers operate by channel hopping, which means they jump from one channel to another in order to monitor network activity. However, this method means that at any given moment, you're missing out on 93% of the airspace. This is where the WiFi Coconut truly shines. It has the unique ability to simultaneously monitor all 14 channels on the 2.4 GHz WiFi spectrum. This is possible due to its array of 14 finely tuned 802.11 WiFi radios, each assigned to a specific channel.

This approach means that instead of having a sporadic view of your WiFi environment, you're provided with a constant, comprehensive view of the entire airspace. Every event on every channel is monitored and recorded, giving you the ability to capture a complete picture of your network's activity. This kind of thorough, simultaneous monitoring opens up new avenues for analyzing WiFi performance, network troubleshooting, and cyber threat detection.

But the WiFi Coconut doesn't just stop at monitoring. It also captures standard PCAP files, which can be stored and analyzed at a later date. This allows for a deep-dive into the data, providing valuable insights that can be used for optimizing network performance and bolstering security measures.

The power of the WiFi Coconut lies not just in its cutting-edge technology, but also in its practicality. It's a compact, USB-C device, meaning it's portable and easy to use. Whether you're a network engineer needing a comprehensive analysis tool, a pentester looking to discover vulnerabilities, or a cyber security enthusiast interested in wireless technology, the WiFi Coconut is a versatile and valuable addition to your toolkit.

Features of WiFi Coconut

The WiFi Coconut is equipped with 14 finely tuned 802.11 WiFi radios, enabling it to monitor all channels at once. It captures standard PCAP files, allowing all 2.4 GHz WiFi events to be stored and analyzed later. These files can provide valuable insights into the activity and performance of your WiFi network, making the WiFi Coconut an essential tool for network troubleshooting and optimization​1​.

In addition to its advanced monitoring capabilities, the WiFi Coconut integrates with popular network monitoring and analysis tools like Kismet and Wireshark. This allows IT professionals and pentesters to leverage these powerful tools in conjunction with the WiFi Coconut's full spectrum monitoring capabilities.

Availability and Support

While new production of the WiFi Coconut has been temporarily suspended due to global manufacturing shortages, Hak5 continues to provide support for devices that have already been purchased. Interested customers can sign up to be notified by email when the WiFi Coconut is back in stock​.


In the sphere of wireless testing and analysis, the advent of the WiFi Coconut underscores the importance of innovation and efficiency. This new tool is reshaping our understanding of WiFi spectrum analysis, offering unparalleled visibility into the wireless airspace. By understanding its capabilities and integrating it with industry-standard tools like Kismet and Wireshark, we can elevate our wireless testing and analysis practices. So, let's stay curious, stay updated, and most importantly, stay ahead in this ever-evolving wireless technology landscape.

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