Bridging the Gap in Cybersecurity Education: Antisyphon's Innovative "Pay What You Can" Initiative


Published on Nov 13, 2023   —   2 min read

Cybersecurity has become a critical field. However, the high cost of quality training often acts as a barrier for many aspiring professionals. Addressing this gap, Antisyphon Training has introduced a commendable initiative – the "Pay What You Can" program. This program is an innovative approach to democratize access to cybersecurity education.

Antisyphon Training: Disrupting Cybersecurity Education

Antisyphon Training is on a mission to redefine the norms of traditional training in the cybersecurity domain. They focus on delivering high-quality, cutting-edge education accessible to everyone, irrespective of their financial background. The courses are designed to be inclusive, engaging, and applicable, catering to both beginners and seasoned professionals. This approach ensures that learning cybersecurity skills, practicing them, and engaging with a community is not just educational but also enjoyable and inclusive. Antisyphon's ethos is centered around making cybersecurity education approachable, accessible, and affordable for all, thereby contributing significantly to the broader Informational Security community​

Understanding the "Pay What You Can" Initiative

Antisyphon Training, recognizing the financial hurdles faced by many, offers a selection of their cybersecurity courses on a pay scale. This initiative allows individuals to embark on their information security (infosec) journey regardless of their financial constraints. The program aims to make hands-on, state-of-the-art courses accessible to a broader audience, taught by renowned experts in the field​​.

Course Offerings and Expertise

The "Pay What You Can" model features a range of courses designed to cater to various aspects of cybersecurity. Some notable courses include:

  • "SOC Core Skills" by John Strand
  • "Secure Ideas - Introduction to PCI (PCI 101)"
  • "Getting Started in Security with BHIS and MITRE ATT&CK" by John Strand
  • "Reporting for Pentesters" with BB King
  • "Active Defense and Cyber Deception" with John Strand
  • "Getting Started with Packet Decoding" with Chris Brenton
  • "Secure Ideas - Professionally Evil CISSP Mentorship"
  • "Regular Expressions Your New Lifestyle" with Joff Thyer​​.

These courses are designed to provide comprehensive training, from foundational concepts to advanced skills, ensuring participants gain valuable insights and practical knowledge.

Additional Benefits Based on Tuition

Participants in the "Pay What You Can" courses receive varying levels of access to additional resources based on their tuition contribution. For instance, those paying less than $295 do not get Cyber Range access, whereas a payment of $295 or more includes six months of complimentary Cyber Range access, a certificate of participation, and access to class recordings. Paying the full price of $575 or more extends Cyber Range access to twelve months along with other benefits​​.


Antisyphon Training's "Pay What You Can" initiative is a significant step toward inclusive education in the cybersecurity domain. It not only opens doors for individuals with financial constraints but also enriches the field with diverse perspectives and talents. Such initiatives are essential in building a robust cybersecurity workforce equipped to tackle the evolving challenges in the digital world.

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