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Sarah Kagan: Editor at The Final Hop, passionate about cyber, meticulous proofreader, and dedicated to literary excellence.

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New Threats on the Cybersecurity Horizon: "Contagious Interview" and "Wagemole"

In a world increasingly interconnected by technology, the cybersecurity landscape is continually evolving. Two recent campaigns, codenamed "Contagious Interview" and "Wagemole," have emerged as significant threats. These campaigns, attributed to North Korean state-sponsored actors, exploit the global job market to conduct espionage and financial theft, presenting a new front in

VX-Underground Malware Collective: A Victim of Ransomware Framing

A new development has surfaced involving the Phobos ransomware and VX-Underground, a well-known malware-sharing collective. This incident sheds light on the intricate and sometimes deceptive tactics used in the cybercrime landscape. The Emergence of Phobos Ransomware Phobos ransomware, believed to be derived from the Crysis ransomware family, emerged in 2018.